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What We Do

The healthcare system has changed, moving toward shorter periods of hospitalization and greater integration into the community/home.

Caregivers are being relied on more heavily – yet very little has been done to provide them the support, recognition and respite they need.

Having to put the needs of others ahead of your own is a common caregiver reality.

The demands of caregiving vary greatly from person to person and from one situation to the next this why it is important to have a professional monitor your loved ones if they are on their own.

A professional eye is needed to make the call when there is a unnoticed emergency or needs to be taken to the doctor.

At Kare Nursing Agency, we make sure that your elderly receives undivided attention and utmost care throughout the day. Their health and safety are our top priority.

Companionship services

Read, Converse, Play games or just relax  and enjoy some peace and quit.

24 hrs & Interval Care

1 hour or two, we got you. or we can spead all day long.

In Home Phlebotomy

No need to go to the hospital for blood to be with drawn for laboratory testing.

Day & Night Care Services

See you at mornings or see you at nights.

You choose!.

Personal Care & Hygiene

Let our team prepare you for bed. We can also prepare you for your day time activities.

Feeding & Meal Preparation

Relax we can whip up your favorite meals or create new delicious healthy servings.


Whether you need medical assistance or companionship services, we have you covered. We provide:

  • Medication Administration Assistance
  • Pamper change
  • Bed Bath
  • Housekeeping and Laundry
  • Appointments and Shopping

Our Skills

The agency is staffed by trained and skilled healthcare personnel who are committed to improving the quality of life for those who need assistance. They strive to ensure that the individual needs of  clients and their loved ones are met – to help them

live safely and independently in the comfort of their homes.


We are ALL Professionally Trained Individuals.

Continuous Education is a requirement of all Staff.

 The following list explains the kinds of services

that home care personnel are trained to provide:

- Licenced & Registered Nurses

These professionals are trained to

conduct nursing assessments, develop plans of care,

 medication assistance, provide wound

care, pain and symptom management, chronic

disease supervision, nursing foot care,


- Personal Care Workers also called Personal Care

Aides or Personal Support Workers/Nursing Assistants/CareGiver

 have completed certification courses

of study and provide hands-on care with bathing,

getting dressed or ready for bed, toileting and other

activities of daily living.

- Homemakers 

Complete courses of study to

assist with housekeeping and meal preparation and

to accompany clients to appointments.

- Companionship 

Provide friendly visits, accompaniment

and sitting/reading/socializing services. 


Provides withdrawal of home blood samples for testing

We  Have a Team of:

Registered Nurses

Graduate Nurses

Student Nurses

Certified Care Givers

Personal Care/Aid Workers



Certified CPR  and First Aid Training

Certified In the Care Of the Elderly by University of the West Indies & CFBC College.

Certified Covid -19 Training

Keisha Rawlins,CEO

Consultation Services

We charge $100 consultation fee for your first visit. This includes free vital signs screening.

Connect With Us

Our telephone line is open for emergencies. For enquiries and other concerns, you may send us an email. Contact us in Saint Kitts today.

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