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By doing what you love, you inspire and awaken the hearts of others.

Keisha Rawlins

Owner & Founder

Care Givers are the unsung heroes of the health care system. They are the Glue and Heart of care.

Maria Baptiste


Create a care giving team comprised of truly caring and nurturing individuals, those who are there because they have a heart to help others. They make the best team.

Dian Pringle

Creative Specialist

Our Team

We love Caring for you

Bria Bloice


Jocelyne Govia

Public Relations Officer

Nurse/Care Giver

Nurse/ Care Giver

Natasha Thompson

Nurse/Care giver

Jessica Clavier

Honorary Member/ Event speaker/Nurse

Nicole Fredrick

Nurse/ Care Giver

Care Giver

Tanique Wyatt

Nurse/ Care Giver

Jocylne Rawlins

Nurse / Care Giver

Care/ Giver

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