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Who We Are

Kare Nursing Agency is a care provider you can depend on. We are an established business conveniently located in Saint Kitts.

About Our Owner

Ms. Keisha Rawlins has a deep passion for providing elderly care that was created as a young child living with a sick grandmother, helping in every way possible. Becoming a nurse was a dream that became a reality after becoming a mother to a beautiful daughter. Her passion and dedication ranged from the new born to the elderly, either one brought great joy and fulfillment. Apart from having more than 16 years of practice as a registered nurse and midwife, she presently works as an independent private home care nurse who is committed to caring for the needs of the aging population of Saint Kitts.

How Our Business Began

Ms. Keisha Rawlins realized that there is a major demand for in-home elderly care in her area. She noticed that the population is aging and that older adults’ needs are changing every day.

Moreover, the elderly resort to leaving their homes and transferring to a facility just to receive professional care. Ms. Keisha Rawlins decided to start a nursing agency that aims to keep the senior members of her community happy and well cared for within their comfort zones.

The name Kare Nursing Agency was created after her dear friend and confidant Dian Pringle's daughter Ms Aldianna Armony created it knowing her desire to care was what she was all about.

Ms Dian Pringle is responsible for our creative side, working tirelessly behind the scenes to make us look professional while  purchasing and personalizing  all our medical and fun gear.

The tag line was ever changing until her partner Lester Davis created what the agency was really all about, her commitment to helping persons in the home and so "Committed to home care" was embedded, encouraged and practiced by all members of the Kare Nursing Agency team. 

Honorable mention must be made of Mrs Maria Baptiste/Registered Nurse, dedicated Manager who retired to assist in the foundation and steady growth of the business.

Ms Jocelyn Govia, Public Relations Officer who is responsible for the coordinating of the KNA Team.

Special Mention must be made of Dr Woodley who's on board with the Team.Her unwavering support is amazing as the lady behind the name. She told Ms Rawlins to make "Excellence her Brand" We applaud her efforts and contribution to footcare and to modern, reliable and excellent professional service with a positive approach to the people in St Kitts and Nevis.

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